Giving Childhood Cancer
The Old One-Two


That's our plan

We believe that if we can bring cheer to children who are fighting cancer, while reducing the family's financial burdens, we give the kids a better chance.

About Us:

Cap for Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which seeks to bring hope and cheer to children with cancer, and their families. We do this by bringing children who are fighting cancer face to face with their favorite comic and pop culture heroes and also by providing financial and emotional support to the immediate families of the afflicted children. We able to do this through the kindness, generosity and support of the pop culture community and through our nationwide network of talented cosplay heroes and volunteers.



The Name:

The Cap in Cap for Kids is an acronym for Cosplayers Against Pediatric cancer and also a nod to one of our favorite comic book characters, Captain America. Our founder, Sterling Bailey started cosplaying as Captain America and quickly found that the children absolutely loved the character so it stuck and became a focal point in building the charity.

How can you help?

So good of you to ask! Well, first, we need donations. We sponsor several families each year to help them with the huge financial and emotional strain that this terrible disease puts on them. Secondly, we need volunteers. We always need help with logistics and staffing for our fund raising events. Think you can spare some time to help? We want to talk to you!