Meet Leon

Leon was diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) in 2008 when he was only one year old. He went through chemotherapy and other oncology treatments for 6-8 months to which he responded very well.

However, in August of 2015, he relapsed and had to start treatment again. He began chemotherapy and continued for five months in Denver. This time, the chemo wasn’t quite enough and he needed more advanced therapy to get into remission so he went to National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD for Car-T Cell Therapy.

After 2 months of that treatment he and his family came back to Denver to start his bone marrow transplant. He went through four months of treatment with included chemo and total body radiation for his transplant.

Today, he’s still in follow up care and doing great. He enjoys playing basketball, video games and wants to start doing cross-country running.

When Cap for Kids first met Leon, we were struck by his strength and resilience. Not only had he battled cancer multiple times, but he did it while under some pretty extreme circumstances. His mother had passed away and his father was no longer in the picture. Thankfully, he had his wonderful grandmother to take care of him and his siblings.

But of course, raising several children, while caring for Leon during his treatments were more than any one person could handle. This is where Cap for Kids stepped in. We’ve been able to help Leon’s family by buying clothing, gas and food, as well as paying their rent and utilities. We were even able to get them a minivan through the wonderful kindness of Mile High Car Helper!

When we originally met Leon, he wasn’t a huge fan of Captain America. He was more of a Wolverine guy. But after spending some time with Cap, and getting to hold his shield, Leon’s warmed up to the star-spangled man.

Validating Cap for Kids’ mission, Leon’s grandmother told us that thanks to us, she was able to not stress about the bills and just concentrate on getting Leon what he needed for recovery.

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