Meet Edwin

When Edwin was only two years old, his mother found a lump on his neck one morning that had not been there the night before. Through a short series of doctor’s visits, life changed for Edwin’s family as he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

Chemotherapy was started, but it was already proving to be a tough road. Holidays were spent in the hospital; week long battles against fevers were fought; nausea reared it’s ugly head and weight loss took hold. 

A bone marrow transplant was his next chance to get ahead of this ugly monster taking over his life, keeping him inside, refusing to let him be the little boy he wanted to be. Again, long hospital stays and severe fevers became Edwin’s world, his family by his side as they all fought his disease with him.

Then, after five miserable days of watching him suffer, his mother saw it: his beautiful smile. He was starting to feel better again! They were able to go home for three weeks before his next bone marrow transplant… which hit him even harder.

This time he was in the hospital for more than a month, not eating regularly and in excruciating amounts of pain… the nature of neuroblastoma. As is common while fighting off the cancer, Edwin had other illness hit him hard while in the hospital. All he wanted was to be home with his dad and his big brother.

After bone marrow transplants came immunotherapy, which wasn’t any easier on little Edwin. He was sick for weeks after each treatment, painful and not able to keep anything down even when he felt up to eating.

Edwin is a figther!

Edwin is a hero and a fighter and he’s showing us all the meaning of strength. He pushes through each treatment, each tough day with an attitude that uplifts everyone around him.

As you can see by the photos, Edwin is a huge Batman fan. Knowing this, Cap for Kids arranged for Edwin to meet his favorite superhero. Edwin was so excited to meet his hero and is now very happy to call Batman his friend.

As we commonly hear at Cap for Kids, the weeks of hospital stays, combined with the travel between home and hospital took a toll on Edwin’s family. Not only emotionally but financially as well. To reduce the financial strain, Cap for Kids has been able to help out with mortgage and utilities payments.

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